8 tips for dealing with Hay Fever!

It’s that time of the year folks! It is hitting me for sure! My neighbour has this tree that they’ve made grow so far I thought it was a beanstalk reaching for some giants. Anywho I’m getting the pollen and the bees. The routine of waking up to swollen and itchy eyes, watering like you’ve been crying for days. The swore throat but no it’s not a cold and the constant sneezing like your insides are going to jump out.

Very descriptive I know! Let’s check out some things to help us out!

8. Stay Indoors_

What? No No No! If it is an amazing day like it has been for the last few days. I refuse to miss it! You go outside just make sure you are prepared!

7. Windows_

They say keep your windows closed. I like them open getting in that fresh pollen sneezing filled air. If you haven’t got AC or a fan this would be your option is too open window we need that air. Follow next step for preparation.

6. Hoover / Vacuum_

I say Hoover, you say Vacuum! Hoover! Vacuum! Hoover! Vacuum! Get rid of that dust. There’s too much sneezing happening! Keep your place as dust free as possible including your clothes.

5. Medication_

If you have medication make sure you have it first thing in the morning! It gives it time to kick in. You may not be a breakfast person but make sure you do! If you don’t take anything speak to your doctor. There are a few out there that helps.

4. Pets_

If you have any pets that just love climbing trees, rolling in the grass. I actually do that myself. Make sure once you get in to have a good scrub!

3. And sneeze_

Put some vaseline around your nostrils this way you can trap that pollen. Haha! You say sneeze… I say errrr NO!

2. Tea you say!_

Camomille and Nettle tea are amazing when it comes to managing those symptoms!

Did you know allergy smoothies exist! YES they do. Be Gone Smoothies I’d like to call them simply because you say “Allergies be gone.” Get it!

1. Glasses_

These are the times I really appreciate my glasses. If you don’t wear glasses go grab some shades. If you want to wear contacts, grab those shades! We need to protect our eyes and keep the pollen out of our eyes! Glasses play defense with pollen! I like the big round ones!

OK allergies now let’s get out of formation!

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