The Face Behind Black Fervent!👋🏾😆⁠
Thought I’d introduce myself! HI! My name’s Amani nicknames range from Marni to Gucci to Prada. Believe me, the brand names do get old 😆 so let’s stick with Marni.⁠
When I’m not watching too many movies, binge-watching too many shows📽️, working my 9 to 5 🕓, singing along with Jazz artists🎷, doing street photography 📸 and eating too much red velvet cake🍰… I’m managing Black Fervent!⁠
2020 as we all know has been an overwhelming and emotional year! There was a huge uprising and although some of us have been hearing it for years and doing our part, this time it felt the world woke up at the same time. After donating, signing petitions, taking part in runwithmaud, and marching, I wanted to do more. To show support and keep the necessary conversations going. There’s no turning back, this movement has been ongoing for so long, and as exhausting, stressful, and scary it may seem at times as we continue to hold each other up we can make the positive change that is greatly needed in this world. ⁠
My favorite quote “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela.⁠
As we continue to move forward together I hope Black Fervent can enlighten you and bring some joy. Thank you to those that have followed and continue to share this platform and welcome to the newcomers!⁠

– Amani😊

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