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“Dearly beloved, we have gathered here today To get through this thing called life.”
– Prince

The Amani Diaries came about to express those thoughts you would have in a normal diary and I’ve done it through my interpretations of a few songs and movies. The red underline is not a mistake! As we make mistakes and as Prince said “Dearly beloved, we have gathered here today To get through this thing called life.” And that’s exactly what I’m doing. So sit back, embrace, learn, grow with me, and have more of positive overview on these topics.

I Like That – Janelle Monáe

Dear Diary, It’s important for us to be who we are despite what others say and what they think. We have all these insecurities thinking about how others will react and do whatever we think they’d prefer. Keep quiet, Dress a certain way, Speak a certain way, follow what they are doing, don’t show what […]

One Day – Ella Mai

Dear Diary, I’ve been taken for granted. The person that kept taking me for granted always thought I wouldn’t notice or would be happy to continue to be used. You may not notice it’s happening right away but once you do the first thing you need to do is address it and if it’s not […]

Truth Hurts

Dear Diary, The truth hurts sometimes. It could be why we don’t always want to hear it. I’ve opened up to listen to others, even if they include me. I’ve learned to own my truth and express it. Expressing it can take some time, but that’s ok like I said, it hurts sometimes. What I’ve […]

Cranes in the Sky – Solange

Dear Diary, You know those feelings you try to avoid, the ones that are too scary, painful, and real? You drown your sorrows and try to avoid it as much as you can. Whether it’s keeping yourself busy, taking up new habits, running, dancing, or whatever it is that comes to mind. You think that […]

Forgive You – Leon Bridges

Dear Diary, Forgiveness can be difficult, depending on how extreme the situation is, although we may see the extremity differently. I may forgive someone for something that another person would never be able too. I can forgive someone that’s made a few times for minor mistakes. I mean, we all make mistakes. When I look […]

Best Of Me – Tyrese

Dear Diary, One of the greatest feelings is being able to be yourself. Not be judged and feel as though you have to hide parts of yourself. It’s easy to slip into your comfort zone. It’s also easy to close yourself off. Block people out, because you feel you don’t really belong. The time you […]

What Becomes of the Brokenhearted – Jimmy Ruffin

Dear Diary, What becomes of the brokenhearted? I’ll answer that for ya. A whole lot of pain! It hurts so bad! (Crying face emoji). Seriously it does and what do we end up doing? We put up this barrier that makes it more and more difficult for others to break THAT down. Despite what someone […]

Stand By Me – Ben E. King

Dear Diary, Our darkest moments. We remember how scary it was. How stuck we felt. How insecure we were. We remember how comfortable it got because it seemed easier to stay there than fight, but what we also remember is the person or people that took us out of it. Whether that person is still […]

Walk in my Shoes – Anthony Hamilton

Dear Diary, There’s a lot of things we don’t know about the next person. What they’ve been through. What their thoughts are. Or may be they do make it known but we don’t understand why they have certain thoughts. We shouldn’t just assume. They may not know about me. Walking a mile in each other’s […]

Crown – Chika

Dear Diary, It’s easy to give up on your goals. It’s easy to give up on getting what you really want. Why go through the exhaustion and need to maintain that enthusiasm, when there’s going to be all those challenges and people telling you you can’t? Well, that’s simply because you can. You can reach […]

July – Noah Cyrus feat. Leon Bridges

Dear Diary, There are relationships that we tiptoe around. We try not to react at certain things and be careful of what we do because we don’t want it to fall apart. Or do we? Change is a big thing and we don’t always want to make it. We get comfortable in relationships we know […]

Rise Up – Andrea Day

Dear Diary, When we fall sometimes we feel there’s no point to get back up. You get tired. You get frustrated, but that’s fine! It’s all a part of it. The reason we get back up is because we are strong despite us not thinking it at the time or even other people. We must […]

Something’s Got To Give – Labrinth

Dear Diary, I spoke about self love and it really had me thinking about how time never sleeps. So we’ve got to insure that in the time we have is spent on the things that really matter to us. We give our all into everything but all of it doesn’t deserve it. There’s so many […]

Self Love – Ari Lennox, Bas, Dreamville

Dear Diary, Everyone has responsibilities. Their things that need to be taken care of, people that need to be taken care of. There’s that feeling of having to be on the ball as you can’t afford to drop it. All of this weight put on is only pressure that’s building up. We know what happens […]

Forgotten Ones – Sabina Ddumba

Dear Diary, There’s a lot of things we wish we have or had while we continue with life. You have to make do with what you have around you. It may not always be the best or what you had hoped for, but sometimes it’s just enough to keep you moving forward. There are so […]

As I Am – H.E.R.

Dear Diary, When we finally get comfortable with who we are, what we do, and our surroundings. The last thing we want is for someone to try and change it. Now, I’m all for trying new things and getting out of my comfort zone, because it can be beneficial to you or even eye-opening. It’s […]

Safe Haven – Ruth B.

Dear Diary, There are people that we look up to, admire, and respect. Their actions and things they say can really impact you in a way that makes you feel that bit better about yourself and the world around you. It can be a scary world at times but knowing you can look to these […]

Consideration – Rihanna

Dear Diary, There are a lot of people who are not considerate enough to let you be YOU. They try to hold you down, refusing to let you grow and exceed your full potential. They may be doing it out of their fear and insecurities, not giving themselves a chance. So why should we get […]

Saved – Khalid

Dear Diary, When checking in on people, I’ll sometimes find myself slowly scrolling through my contact list, then hovering over specific names. These names being the ones I haven’t deleted yet. They should be long gone by now, but there they are full name, number, birthday, address, favourite colour, and everything. I joke. Somewhat. They’re […]

Reach Out I’ll Be There – Four Tops

Dear Diary, During these times of uncertainty, the mental health of many people around the world is extremely uncertain. The new lifestyle and job uncertainties will be an addition to the preexisting challenges that are being faced. There are a dozen questions that have no answers just yet. The most common question being; When will […]


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